How to excel at code reviews

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In this article, we will briefly go through 13 code review standards that could dramatically help improve the health of your software as well as keep your developers happy.

As the name suggests, code review is a process where one or more developers review or screen the code written by another developer (the author) to ensure that:

A step by step guide on how to connect to a Docker container

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The purpose of this article is to showcase how we can configure two or more Docker containers to communicate with each other. In this article, we will do the following.


To follow along, you need an intermediate knowledge of programming and APIs. You also need Docker Engine installed locally.

The tutorial on how to start a Docker container here.

Idea 💡

For this article, we will use two simple web services with an endpoint each. Let’s…

The checklist that helped me reach over 200K views on Medium

Image of a checklist for publishing a blog post with a pen and a Macbook
Image of a checklist for publishing a blog post with a pen and a Macbook
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10 best practices on how to write quality articles on Medium that generate enormous traffic and click-through rate, earn you money, and rank higher on Google.

How did my Medium articles perform so far?

I have been publishing on Medium since 2018, and so far, I have published twenty-two articles, and the community loved the following articles.

How to generate unit tests using an AI-powered plugin

Automated Testing — Credit:

In this article, we will use an AI-powered plugin for IntelliJ to automatically generate unit tests.

Before we talk about the plugin and the company behind it, it’s worth mentioning that I have no affiliation with the company or its employees. However, I used to work at the University of Oxford, so it’s exciting to see such an interesting innovation originating from a place with lots of memories.

Step 1. Install the Plugin and Import the Project

The IntelliJ IDEA plugin is 100% free for open-source development. …

What to do to become a better developer

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In this article, we’ll go through a list of habits and tips that could help developers become better versions of themselves — both personally and technically — and succeed in their roles.

These are some essential habits and things to know when working toward becoming a senior developer.

1. Focus on Becoming a T-Shaped Developer

Know a lot of things, and have in-depth knowledge of a few of those things.

What to look for in a code review and questions to ask yourself

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As a code reviewer, you have the power to approve any code, and along with that comes the responsibility to make sure that the code is in good condition. In this article, we will go through a listing of questions and points that could help code reviewers focus on what matters during a code review.

How Code Coverage plays a crucial role in the success and quality of a product

Code coverage means what percentage of your codebase is covered by the tests or being tested. If you have no tests, then the code coverage is zero.

This article is focused on the benefit and value aspect of code coverage, if you wish to set up code coverage then you might find the following article helpful

The following are some of the benefits of using a code coverage tool

Step by step configuration of the JaCoCo code coverage tool for Java project using Maven & Gradle build tools


First of all, code coverage tools indicate what percentage of your codebase is covered by your tests.

In this article, we will actually get our hands dirty and add code coverage to a java project that uses Maven or Gradle build tool.

In the following article, I have briefly explained 10 reasons why code coverage plays a crucial role to a product’s quality and success in the long run.

There are many tools out there for different projects, and we will focus on JaCoCo, which stands for JavaCodeCoverage tool.

Java code coverage tools

There are different code coverage tools for different languages, and I…

A shortlist of 20 Git commands for all your code versioning needs


Git is hard, and there’s an overwhelming amount of command and tricks that you could learn and use but, when it comes to day to day development, there is a small subset of Git commands that you are most likely going to use over and over. Here is a list of git commands that I use daily

A guide on how to get started with open source contribution


In this article, I will briefly show you how I contributed to the following open source projects

I will also share why its important to contribute, lessons I have learned so far, how did I get started, what is my contribution strategy and motivations, as well as some examples of my contributions to date.

Why contribute to open source?

We use open-source software on every step of our development, and it is a moral thing to contribute back. …

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